Modoc Afrique is a fashion design Company based in the Capital City of Abuja Nigeria. The brand specializes in the production, distribution, and retailing of fashion and other lifestyle products for men. Modoc encompasses a breath of collections including  but not limited to, Kaftans, Agbada, Shirts, Jackets, Suits, Pants, Shorts, Casual Wears, Ceremonial attires, custom made outfits, and lots more. We have lots of assorted fabrics available in different colours, designs, and textures that can be picked for a piece of custom-clothing made specifically for you and in your preferred measurements. Also, we have the ready-to-wear clothing that are available for immediate purchase. We also have in stock other lifestyle products including Shoes, belts, wristwatches, cuff-links, and varieties of fragrance.

Modoc was founded in 2010 by Mr. Mohammed Ochijenu who currently sits as the CEO and the Chief Creative Director of the company. Through his innovative approaches, he has been able to translate conceptuality into a universe that has become a benchmark to those who dare to challenge conventions focusing on experimentation. Over the years, he has successfully steered the brand into the 21st Century fashion company by constantly sharing his creativity and passion with consumers world-wide.

Since launching it’s brand, Modoc has been Synonymous with cutting edge styles and has become renowned as the pioneer of classic African wears inspired by iconic African Culture and Nigeria heritage, the company is driven by an ever-optimistic vision to break conventions and celebrate personality and diversity.